When that 3 am inspiration hits…

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

2.5 years… that’s how long I’ve talked about starting a blog. How far did I get in those 2.5 years you may ask? Well… in 2017 I purchased an online course to learn how to set up a blog. I even went so far as to purchase a domain and start the process of creating my own website. Guess what, I immediately became overwhelmed and NOTHING happened after that.

I was paralyzed by indecisiveness. 

So, here we are, years later and for no particular reason, I woke up at 3:16 am and the only thing I could think about was starting this bear of a project. 

Where in the world did that inspiration come from?... [No idea] 

Am I losing my mind?... [probably]

Was it a push from the universe telling me to get my shiz together, take a leap of faith and just do the dang thing?.... [One can never be too sure, but hey we’ll go with it!]

Well we are doing it, taking the first step towards putting the chaos that is inside my brain out into the open… on the internet… this should go well ;)

Indecisiveness is such a buzz kill. I blame it entirely on being a perfectionist (thanks for that quality, Dad *insert dramatic eye roll*). I just kept thinking to myself: “Okay Paige, you want to start a blog, but it has to be:

something unique

something that encompasses all aspects of your life

something niche, and 

something entertaining.”

Helloooo writers block :) Right out of the gate, I have no idea what I’m doing, what I want to say, and how to incorporate being a small-town, Idaho girl with a passion for travel, pageantry, the great outdoors, body positivity, chocolate-covered strawberries and all things rose gold. 

I could not come up with a single angle to take. Plus, I wanted to be empowering and inspiring at the same time… [uhhh… whuuuut?]

So I put the whole blog idea on a shelf and chalked it up to being a short-lived, brilliant idea that fizzled out before I made anything of it. The only problem was, it kept gnawing at the back of my mind and quite frankly, started to drive me insane. (I know, as if I needed to be any crazier) I knew I wanted to influence, in any small way that I could. I dabbled in posting some long, thoughtful posts on social media that actually seemed to be well-received. I knew I wanted to add my twist of positivity to this world which appears to thrive on hate, drama and so. much. negativity. 

Am I the best writer? If you’re with me up to this point, I think we both know the answer to that. I mean, on average I have to edit my social posts three times due to random spelling/grammatical errors…. But the end result is usually pretty on fleek! What I also realized (at 3:16 am) is that the details aren’t that important. Nothing is ever going to be perfect right from the start and it was time that I stopped putting an interest of mine on hold because I was afraid it wasn’t going to be exactly right.

With all of that being said, I decided that the “theme” of this blog is just real life, in the shade of my favorite color (aka Rose Gold, in case that wasn’t obvious… ;) ). It’s my struggles, my fears, my lessons-learned, and all of the other shenanigans that managed to escape from my brain and make it on to paper. It’s my story and I’m telling it because I believe the best advice we can give is rooted from past experience. Some of the best lessons that I’ve learned have come from advice I’ve received from someone that I can relate to. 

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling and suddenly you’re paragraphs deep into a post that makes you think “wow, I totally needed to read that today…?” That’s what I’m hoping to do. Not everything I write is going to be relatable, nor is it always going to be as entertaining as I hope, that’s just real life. But what I can promise is that everything I write will include advice, will be uplifting, will have a twinge of my humor, and will probably make every grammar teacher want to pull out their hair. 

Here’s my story. Cheers <3

- Paige J.

The Rose Gold Queen

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