Quarantine Queen

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hey Queen, 

Obviously this post is on the Internet and will (hopefully) be available indefinitely, however I’m writing it with our current situation on the brain: COVID-19, but furthermore, the quarantine situation we have landed ourselves in. 

Claiming that most of us never saw this coming is the understatement of the year. Even while I was reading about this virus named after a situationally-delicious beer wreaking havoc in China, all that crossed my mind was “yikes, don’t go to China. Noted.” 

And here we are...well into week #2 of “shelter in place” and I’ve spent way more time in my apartment than I had ever intended to... and I work from home... 

What’s strange is I find myself feeling like a complete slacker most of the time. Much like when I would spend all day watching tv during summer break and then my mom would come home and rip me a new one for wasting the day.

But then I remember... I’m SUPPOSED to stay inside right now. *insert scared-face emoji*

Granted, I’m not spending all day Netflix and Quarantining (no judgement if you are... I’m actually a bit jealous if I’m honest). Yet I still have this nagging feeling that there’s something Im supposed to be doing, somewhere I should be going, somewhere I should be meeting. 

My time in therapy has given me enough self-awareness to pin-point exactly where this is coming from... the need to constantly be on the go. I realized that, if I’m not being pulled in at least 4 different directions at any given time, I don’t feel busy enough.

To answer your question... yes, I’m a psychopath. 

But think about this, our society has quickly become a pool of over-caffeinated cross-fitters multi-tasking through every second of every day. Even while sleeping, we’ve found ways to simultaneously exfoliate our skin, burn fat, straighten our spines, and humidifying our lungs.

Shameless plug: I’m truly obsessed with humidifiers and fat burner PMs.

We are constantly over-stimulated and the reason why this particular scenario feels especially uncomfortable (aside from the epic virus on the loose) is that we are now being forced to slow the eff down. 

What a novel idea. 

Like most Americans, I struggled with this idea for about a week. But I’ve now come to terms with what I cannot change. None of us can.

So why not make the most of it? Take this time to become the #quarantinequeen you were meant to be while on *cough house arrest*... I mean, shelter-in-place.

In my next posts I’ll be sharing my tips to making the most of this time. I know everybody’s doing it, but, as per the theme of this blog, I’m sharing what’s working for me. 

It’s not ideal... but it doesn’t mean life has to be put on hold until it’s safe to use ATMs without wearing rubber gloves. 

Stay tuned for what’s to come but, more importantly, be patient with yourself. This is an adjustment and it’s normal to freak the heck out during change, especially when it’s abrupt.

With love and a little bit of cabin fever,

- Paige J.

The Rose Gold Queen

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