Puttin' the "tude" in Gratitude

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hey Queen,

It’s Monday evening and I’m staring at my dusty computer screen, drinking a glass of Chianti Riserva, half-blinded but totally not complaining about it because that means there is SUN. 

Can I get a hallelujah? 

Anyway, last week I challenged you to choose three words that inspired you, three words that made you feel electric and re-ignited that flame of self-love that went out in the 2000s when your size 4 jeans stopped fitting and you realized those red marks on your face were now called “adult acne.”  

Well... how did it go?! 

Whether or not you took me up on my challenge, I hope it at least inspired some thought into what your ideal self looks like and how you would describe her. Seeing as I’m the one who inspired the challenge, I walked the walk and took time, every day to write out:

“I am charismatic”

“I am intelligent”

“I am creative”

I won’t lie to you, I did develop a minor case of writer's cramp, BUT once I pushed through that pain, something weird happened... 

I just, like, went on to write out a gratitude journal too?

Yeah… a gratitude journal… something I have been trying to force myself to do for two and a half years but have been wildly unsuccessful because it instantly turned into some looming to-do list item. Before, I was trying to force a habit out of it, instantly making it feel like a task and not something that would bring me growth. 

Yet here we are, I’m out here trying to focus on writing out thirty measly sentences about how charismatic, creative and intelligent I am and then I go off and form another positive habit without even thinking twice about it.

Believe me, I’m just as surprised as you are, but it’s true. I felt the need to keep the momentum going and wrote out as many things I could think of that I was grateful for and kept doing that for seven days!

Some days it looked something like: “I’m grateful for: pilates, a medium rare ribeye, living room swing dancing lessons, and for another day being sugar free.” Other days it looked like: “I’m grateful for: having a facetime session with an aunt I haven’t seen since 2013, for having quality conversations with some bad a** blogger babes that I randomly found on instagram, blueberries, and for getting to pet a dog.”

The content, while it gave me an indescribable sense of completeness, was not actually the most crucial part. What really struck me was how I was able to reminisce on my day, call forward the moments that felt like gifts, and jot them down on paper. No pressure, no rules, no expectations.

I went to bed happier and woke up more energetic than ever before [even when I was strategically taking fat burners at 5:30 am so I would explode out of bed like a tornado at 6:30 am]. Not only that, I felt inspired to do other positive things, was optimistic, productive and genuinely happy all day long

[Hint: sometimes the best ways to create habits is self-manipulation. I’m not above it.]

How is it possible that one little habit can spark all of this?

Tbh…. I didn't know the answer to that when I first sat down to write this. But then I realized.... I was so high on life that I simply just channelled that momentum forward in an effortless way, i.e., I was in a state of high vibration.

High vibration means when you are feeling great and radiating positive energy, that same energy bounces back to you in some other way; what you give is what you receive. Whether you believe in manifestation, karma, or whatever lingo suits your fancy, it translates to essentially the same thing. When you feel grateful, your heart is open, full, and you are in a state of acceptance. You appreciate what you have and are naturally optimistic about what's to come. There are SO many things to celebrate, each and every day, even if you’ve spent the past 3 weeks looking at the same 4 walls and have watched every episode of Friends for the 5th time.

Looking at you... little sister.

So with that, I’m running with this unexpected twist in my own content schedule because inspiration has hit. Besides, the best decisions I’ve made and the highest moments of clarity have come from inspired action, so here we go.

My challenge you beauties this week is to take a couple minutes each day to write out what you are grateful for.

It can be anything, it can be everything; there's only one rule: don’t set any rules.

If you have 4 things today and tomorrow you have 39 things, so be it. Just write out everything that comes to mind, close your journal, then do something else.

Done and done.

We are focusing on getting into high vibration where all of the magic happens. Come join me, the view is epic.

With love and gratitude,

- Paige J.

The Rose Gold Queen

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