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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hey Queen,

What’s your to-do list looking like today? Are you slaying the day, checking things off like a total boss? Orrr are you like me, getting the sweet satisfaction of crossing the heck out of that item off of your list, only to add three more must-dos immediately after. I’ve always been an avid list-maker; it gives me a sense of calmness, some motivation too, when I write down everything swimming around in my head. So my daily list is pretty intimidating to the faint-of-heart.

Side note: if this is sounding familiar to you and you thrive off of the “check that off the list” high, I suggest the Todoist app. It’s a digital to-do list and, instead of crossing items off, you just give them a quick tap and they are out of your life forever. It’s awesome, check it out!

Back to our regularly scheduled program… As I’ve gone through this transformation, which has inspired me to create my StairStepsToSuccess initiative and share it with the world, I’ve realized a very basic skill that’s helped me tremendously….

First of all, I just want to point out that most of my tips are seemingly obvious, and that’s the point! I’ve found that our society has been phenomenal at telling women that they need to “love thyself” and “always be your best version.” BUT what’s lacking in the messaging is how the heck we do that! So I took it upon myself to give you steps, real, actual steps that you can start doing right now to see an improvement in your life. 

With all of that being said, my “seemingly obvious tip” this week is to:

Get. It. Done.

If I thought the clapping emoji would show up on this platform in a non-tacky way, girl, you know I would have added it behind every one of those words.

Tieing in my previous reference to the ever-looming to-do list, we all have those items that follow us around all day, or even day after day. Those ones that we really don’t want to do… whether it be a daily task at your job, or something you just dread, like making your bed or plucking your eyebrows (but seriously… heard THAT).

I learned this tip the hard way as I used to be a pro at procrastinating when it came to those mundane chores.. folding laundry, doing dishes.. you get the point. 

Instead of putting these tasks off until I “feel” like doing them (let’s be honest, I never FEEL like it), I do them right away. First thing in the morning, I make my bed (high five, first win of the day!). As soon as clothes are out of the dryer I fold them AND put them away. Once I’m finished eating, I take care of the dishes as quickly as possible. 

This stretches to those random items that I really don’t want to do…. but really need to. Maybe it’s a phone call I’m dreading, or an errand I really don’t want to run, something I will definitely procrastinate on if I let myself.  I started forcing myself to take care of those things first thing. It’s called “eating the frog.” As Mark Twain once said “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” Well… imagine that looming task is a frog and there you go… metaphor explained ;) 

It may sound super simple, but by doing this, you get that glorious sense of accomplishment immediately, which always inspires further productivity for the rest of the day. Besides, by putting these necessary chores off it only lowers your self-image because you secretly feel like a total slacker... you know it’s true. 

So, wake up, wing your eyeliner, and eat the dang frog. You’ll feel like a total champ for handling your biz, and you can then focus on slaying the rest of the day! 

That’s all for today boss, until next time.

- Paige J.

The Rose Gold Queen

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