3 Words That Will Change Everything

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hey Queen,

My name is Paige and I’m addicted to Self-help books. 

I’m also a creature of habit so every story has the same plot: I pick up a new book, I’m immediately engulfed with the latest life-changing tips and tricks. I become ravenous, tearing through each chapter, viciously taking notes an effort to absorb each new habit that I need to start forming... like yesterday. 

I finish the book in 3.5 hours, make to-do lists, write out schedules, create overly-enthusiastic sticky notes and proceed to plaster my bedroom and bathroom with them. I can do this. I am going to completely change my life. Old habits out, new habits in. Easy peasy.

Que: the convenient arrival of one of my oldest friend... in fact, you may know her?

Her name is overwhelm. 

Where to start? What to do? How I can I reframe my mind, remember to say affirmations every morning, write in my gratitude journal every night, memorize my mantras to say in times of self-doubt, strike my power-poses daily, hit the gym for 30-45 minutes (also daily), meal-prep, read something inspiring, and cleanse my soul with meditation. 

Especially when... and here’s the kicker... I haven’t been doing ANY of these things up until this point.

Not a single one of them. 

Sure, sometimes I remember to sit and try to meditate for 15 minutes while keeping myself in check from wandering into the depths of my own thoughts. 

I’m usually successful at getting myself to the gym at least 4 to 5 times per week… But sometimes life happens and I don’t always stick to that schedule. 

I’ll get into a two or three day stint of saying my affirmations, but then I get annoyed of hearing my own voice so often that that falls by the wayside too. 

So while my intentions are pure and my goal genuinely is to become a better version of myself, I can’t seem to get these habits to stick.

What MANY of these books aren’t telling you is how they got to this level of self-actualization. They’re sharing all of these fabulous habits that they possess and all of the success that they are seeing in their lives, and naturally those are habits that should be adopted if you want to achieve a similar level of success. But here’s the thing with Habits… Unless they involve eating ice cream or drinking a bottle of wine every night after work, it takes effort to get them to stick. But not only that, they have to be broken up into bite size pieces that are manageable, not crippling. Trying to change too much at one time will almost always be unsuccessful in making strides forward.

The trick is, start small and take it day-by-day. Yes, it will take time. I promise you that your Beyoncé-esque version will not be rising and shining by next Tuesday. 

But, by challenging yourself to implement one habit, each day, for a specific stretch of time, you will inch yourself closer and closer. Not only that, you’ll be doing so in a way that’s solidifying these habits, permanently.

We are taking this one week at a time, one habit at a time. This week is has to do with self-image and re-framing the identity we hold of ourselves. 

Challenge: think of three words that you want to use to describe yourself.

Who do you want to become? How would you describe yourself when you get there?

Three words...

Here are a few to get your gears turning:










When you speak them out loud, what makes your stomach flutter with excitement? What makes you blush? 

Mine are: 

1. Creative 

2. Intelligent 

3. Charismatic 

Now, every day, for just 1 week, write out:

“I am [insert word 1]”

“I am [insert word 2]”

“I am [insert word 3]”

Ten times each, every day.

This will take less than 10 minutes of your time, each day. Let's see what happens! 

Baby steps, you CAN do this.

With Love and writers cramp,

- Paige J.

The Rose Gold Queen

P.S. Share your words with the class, if you like! 

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